"Unity Rising provided the opportunity for a trip of a lifetime.  It was a harmonious balance of exploring beautiful new people and places, journeying through the stories and wisdom of a local guide and sharing the experience with a group of spiritual peers that quickly became good friends. Truly it nourished my heart, my soul and my desire for adventure."
– S.M. (Peru participant)

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Join us for Travel Adventures in Divine Nature.

a momentUnity Rising offers opportunities for participants to expand inner spiritual landscapes through a deep attunement to natural outer landscapes, energies of sacred sites and diverse cultures. Hike majestic mountains, paddle pure rivers, bike the path, or sit quietly and let a flower open you. Nature longs to mirror your divinity and invites you to live in the natural rhythm of life. Discover the intricate patterns, breath-taking beauty, and innate wisdom in all of life – including you! Share discoveries with like-minded spiritual friends from around the world as we journey together.

Rev. Kristin Powell and board members partner with local, seasoned guides to create spirit-infused, off-the-beaten-track adventures. Every detail of the journey is researched and coordinated for you. Know that you are fully supported so that you can thoroughly enjoy the adventure that calls your soul.

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